The precious gemstone, naturally rare and available in a captivating light color which perfectly fits into jewelry is amazingly becoming a hit song all around the world. Most of blue topaz jewelry in the market today first lands on hands either light blue or white colored. These shades are then irradiated and heated for production of elegant blue shades and often considered excellent for engagement rings. After this treatment the topaz requires no other special care and labeled R, comes with a splendid stability rating.

After the irradiation and heating, the blue topaz engagement rings will come in different blue shades creating a range of choice. The most valuable blue topaz shades are London blue, Swiss Blue and the Sierra blue. Engagement rings are counted among the most affordable yet valuable gemstone rings with a price range of $10 to $35 per carat. In most cases, London Blue topaz shade is more expensive than the other topaz shades. Engagement rings with this gemstone having gone through a custom cut may be more costly than ones done commercially.

Blue Topaz Engagement Rings Jewellery Reviews

Most of topaz have a high degree of transparency and clarity which really does not have a great impact on the prices. However, if you are a secondhand shopper, a visible blemish or defect may ultimately mean a lower price on the ring. Economics are great in the sense that price per carat doesn’t hype up high with increase in carat size. However, these engagement rings may be more costly than purchasing the stone itself especially if the rings are platinum, silver made or diamond set. The best option for a shopper on budget would be a sterling blue topaz ring. A little TLC would do for silver’s special care keeping it excellent for decades.

Blue Topaz is on the Zodiac birthstones list. They are both a Virgo and a Sagittarius birthstone. They are mostly used by authors as they bring inspiration in writing and by public speakers as they erode nervousness in public speaking. They are traditionally associated with perfect communication, learning and inspiration. On the other hand when used by lovers and in this case for an engagement, it is often associated with love and loyalty and often referred to as the lover’s stone. It is symbolic of honesty, deep emotional attachment and clear feelings. It is a representative of friendship and forever lasting romance. This being a fit gem for the occasion a blue topaz engagement ring is a perfect signal for a wish for a dedicated romantic relationship.

The gem on the other hand has benefits which include:

A change in inspiration and creativity.

Developing a stronger concentration in all experiences.

They keep the wearer away from greed and lustful thoughts.

They help fight against depression, tension and negative thoughts.

Blue topaz attracts success to one’s life.

It is able to bring lost love back to the wearer

It protects the wearer from danger and sudden death.

It is a cure for some mental problems and insomnia.

It helps in development of personality and improvement of communication abilities.

This mystic jewel is getting people head over heels with it in the current world. Well there may be other gems more precious than topaz but the beauty and the mystery behind itis not a deceit. It’s a deal worth its cost and wouldn’t hesitate going for it.